Company Profile

Group's Philosophy

To bring economic growth catering the need of the buyer & valued clients at home & abroad and thus to contribute the nation. Group's Policy includes its emphasis on corporate social responsibility and her active involvement in regional & religious activities in improving poverty level, illiteracy & unemployment.


Since the emergence of Bangladesh Fakir Group have had a vital role in the development of knit garments sector. The group has been working with an outstanding result oriented performance which simply coming out of inherited & inherent initiatives. Fakir Group through out its striving in industrialization has emphasized in identifying & innovating the industrial & business linkage needs and has been initiating all possible measures to satiate required establishments.

At this stage fakir group focused to be one of the best & largest conglomerate especially in garment sector in the country, employed around 12000 people to its member companies.

Fakir Group is best described by 3 (three) words - Sincerity, Honesty & Quality.